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Michael Anthony On the ‘History Of Rock’ With Sammy Hagar, Hot Sauce + His Legendary Jack Daniel’s Bass

Ultimate Classic Rock
March 19, 2012

If you’re going to take a trip through the historical annals of rock and roll, having Sammy Hagar as your tour guide sounds like a fun option, right?

It would seem like a safe bet that with the Red Rocker at the helm, you could count on having a drink or two and hearing some good tunes, because as we all know, Hagar knows how to throw a party. (How did we get that Cabo Wabo tattoo again?)



Firetalkers: Interview with Michael Anthony of Chickenfoot and Van Halen

Posted February 19, 2012

To millions of Van Halen fans, bass player Michael Anthony was not only the cucumber-cool glue that held the band together and provided their distinctive high harmonies, but was also the member of the band they could identify with the most; more specifically, a down-to-earth, real guy that you’d want to sit down and have a beer with.



Chickenfoot at Brixton Academy

Uber Rock
Posted January 20, 2012

Unbelievably, it’s been two and a half years since Chickenfoot make their ‘intimate’ live UK debut at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire in the summer of 2009, how time flies eh! That was a really outstanding show, one of my gig highlights of that year, so it didn’t take much to get me down to Brixton tonight for another dose. Of course, it’s not quite the same Chickenfoot as last time, as Chad Smith is on Chili Peppers duty, so we have the more than capable session man Kenny Aronoff deputising, who does a fine job.



Chickenfoot Live at Manchester Academy
Posted January 13, 2012

Don’t you love it when bands turn up on time ? (take note Mr Rose) Bang on 9pm, Hagar, Anthony and Satriani amble on stage to a hero’s welcome from a sold out Academy As Chad Smith is busy with his Chilli Peppers day job the drumstool is filled by Kenny Aronoff – a long time friend of Hagar.



Chickenfoot Live in Manchester

Cack Blabbath
Posted January 13, 2012

Chickenfoot’s two date stopover in the UK has been causing quite a buzz among rock fans. If ever there was something which deserved the title “supergroup” this is it with a touring lineup that consists of ex-Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar, legendary guitarist Joe Satriani, Hagar’s Van Halen cohort Michael Anthony on bass and stand-in drummer Kenny Aronoff, who is filling in for Chad Smith who is off doing the day job with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.



2011 Guitar International Awards

Posted January 2, 2012

Another Supergroup made headlines this year when Chickenfoot released their new album titled III. The group, which is made up of vocalist Sammy Hagar, guitarist Joe Satriani, bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith, has been making waves in the rock world since they announced their formation in 2009.



Digital Playlist: Michael Anthony

Attention Deficit Delirium
Posted November 28, 2011

1. KENNY CHESNEY “Beer In Mexico” — “When we were in Cabo, Kenny Chesney came down and jammed with us (including this song). Now all of a sudden I’m listening to Kenny Chesney.



Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony on Chickenfoot’s Road Test Tour

Posted November 17, 2011

“If that was the tough part, we’re in pretty great shape,” says Joe Satriani about Chickenfoot’s just-completed “Road Test tour,” during which the band – which also includes Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and drummer Kenny Aronoff (filling in for Chili Peppers man Chad Smith) – played a series of no-frills, guerrila-style club dates to break in songs from their new album, Chickenfoot III.



See The Music With Chickenfoot – “Up Next”

Posted November 09, 2011

Guitarist Joe Satriani and bassist Michael Anthony of Chickenfoot sat down with to exclusively discuss the song “Up Next” from the group’s sophomore effort Chickenfoot III for our “See the Music” series.



Chickenfoot Members Talk Occupy Wall Street

Attention Deficit Delirium
Posted November 06, 2011

Chickenfoot recently released the second video from the album III entitled “Three And A Half Letters,” which they performed this past week on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The song was inspired by letters that frontman Sammy Hagar was receiving from people in need during these troubling economic times.



Interview With Chickenfoot: Finding Their Feet

Posted November 02, 2011

They say that the third time’s the charm, though “Chickenfoot III” is actually the second studio album from the supergroup ensemble starring frontman Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith. But one could say it is the third stage of their development.



Michael Anthony Talks About Chickenfoot III, Reminisces About The Van Halen Daze

Posted October 02, 2011

VAN HALEN’s only legitimate bass-man Michael Anthony recently sat down with to talk about the band’s oddly-titled but anxiously-awaited new sophomore effort called CHICKENFOOT III, which features his musical allies, former Van Halen singer SAMMY HAGAR, guitarist JOE SATRIANI and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith.



Bassist Michael Anthony Talks Chickenfoot III

Posted September 27, 2011

Michael Anthony filled Van Halen’s deep end for over twenty-five years, thrumming his bass to Alex Van Halen’s double-kicks and snare on such FM classics as
Running With the Devil,”Panama,” and “Hot For Teacher.



Chickenfoot’s Michael Anthony Says “I Was Really Given Total Freedom” On ‘III’

Posted September 25, 2011

The last time we spoke with legendary Chickenfoot bassist Michael Anthony a few months ago, we hadn’t heard the band’s new album ‘III,’ which vocalist Sammy Hagar describes as “the best record I’ve ever made.”



Chickenfoot’s Second Symphony, III

Posted September 15, 2011

Leave it to the rock and roll clowns in Chickenfoot to christen their second album III.



Chickenfoot III Review

Posted September 2, 2011

True to lead singer Sammy Hagar‘s recent promises, Chickenfoot‘s new album ‘III’ finds the rock supergroup expanding their sound considerably beyond the range of their slightly awkward self-titled 2009 debut.



Fire In The Hole!

Back Page Magazine
Posted August 26, 2011

What a distorted electric guitar is to the ears, a fiery blend of pureed chili peppers is to the tongue. Both ignite the senses, quicken the heart rate and leave you hungry for more. It should come as no surprise, then, that a growing number of rock gods are lending their names and their tongues to a new breed of strange brews.



Inside Chickenfoot’s ‘Life-Changing’ Second Album

Rolling Stone
Posted July 22, 2011

It’s the best record I’ve ever made,” Sammy Hagar says of Chickenfoot’s second album, which they’re so pumped about they skipped right to calling it Chickenfoot III. The supergroup – featuring Hagar, guitar wizard Joe Satriani, ex-Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith – started as a tequila-soaked jam session in Mexico and went on to sell 500,000 copies of its 2009 debut LP.



Video Interview: Michael Anthony

Bass Frontiers Magazine
Posted July 19, 2011

It is impossible to tell you how cool we feel to have this video interview with none other than Michael Anthony! Currently the bassist for supergroup Chickenfoot (with Sammy Hagar, Chad Smith, and Joe Satriani), but best known as a founding member of Van Halen, Michael is one of the most loved and revered rock bassists out there. Period. If nothing else, who doesn’t want a bass shaped like a bottle of Jack Daniels? But seriously, Michael is one of the nicest guys around, and plays all kinds of beautifully. We’re not sure what your favorite interviews on Bass Frontiers are, but we’ll admit that this is definitely one of ours.



Chickenfoot Reveal Details of ‘Chickenfoot III’

Rolling Stone
Posted July 13, 2011

Chickenfoot, the rock supergroup featuring guitarist Joe Satriani, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and former Van Halen members Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar, have finished work on a new album. Though it’s only their second record together, the band have named the album Chickenfoot III. According to frontman Hagar, they went with the title because “it’s so good, the songs are so tight, it’s like we jumped right past having to make a second record.”



Michael Anthony: ‘My Secrets For Recording Chickenfoot’s New Album

Posted July 11, 2011

When bassist Michael Anthony got together with his Chickenfoot bandmates (vocalist Sammy Hagar, guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith) in the studio last February, he admits that he thought the group was still in rehearsal mode. Before he knew it, however, they were recording their second album – for real.”