Happy Holidays!

“Hey everyone! As we come to the end of 2011, I would like to once again thank all of you for the love and support you continue to show me! I’m truly grateful and fortunate to have fans out there like you and I look forward to 2012! The ‘Foot does a little road test tour through Europe in January. After that, we will be putting together the full production tour which should start by summer time.

Even though Chad won’t be out there with us, Kenny promises that he will be kicking BIG ASS for all of you bashers!!! So get that shopping finished up, have a great holiday season, party hard (but be safe) and I wish you all the best and the happiest of New Year’s!! I’ll be raising a big toast to all of you and can’t wait to bash hard on tour next year. See you all real soon.” – Michael


  1. fatgoorilla says:

    Love ya,Mike.I wish you and yours the very best in the coming new year.Hope to catch the act somewhere near me in Rochester NY.Take care,man.

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