New Van Halen Box Set

Boxed Set Introduces Four Newly Remastered Van Halen Studio Albums With Sammy Hagar Plus Rarities Recorded Between 1989 And 2004 5-LP And 5-CD Versions Arriving On October 6 PRE-ORDER NOW Newly Remastered Version of “Humans Being” 
Available Today Digitally LISTEN HERE Van Halen will release a new boxed set this fall spotlighting the iconic band’s […]

Father Time

“Father Time” is the new video from The Circle! “When I first wrote Father Time, I kept it from everyone because it was so personal that I’d get too choked up to actually sing it. I wrote it just after turning 70 while I was at our then home in Maui. That house was my […]

Funky Feng Shui

 “Funky Feng Shui,” the new single from ‘Crazy Times’ is out NOW! Listen to the revamped and expanded version the band recorded with David Cobb after teasing it last year in lockdown. Stream the single and pre-order the album at

Crazy Times!

The Circle have a brand new video out to promote the second single from their new album Crazy Times! The new album comes out on September 30 – enjoy the video for Pump it Up until then!

Sammy Hagar 2021 Birthday Bash Rebroadcast

Sammy’s 2021 Birthday Bash is back! Watch a special rebroadcast of the Catalina Island party this February 4th where Sammy is joined by @sammyandthecircle  @mad_anthony_bassman, guitarist @vicjohnson77, and drummer @jasonbonham) for the party of the year! PLUS, there are also audio bundles from 2020 and 2021 bashes. Order the rebroadcast at

The Circle @Home Sessions #13

Brand new from The Circle’s @Home sessions – “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor)” by Robert Palmer! Stay Healthy. Stay Home. Stay Tuned.#lockdown #thecircleathome #sammyhagar #michaelanthony #jasonbonham #vicjohnson #trobertpalmer #moonmartin  #StayHealthyStayHomeStayTuned

The Circle @Home Sessions #12

Brand new from The Circle’s @Home sessions – “Heroes” by David Bowie! Stay Healthy. Stay Home. Stay Tuned.#lockdown #thecircleathome #sammyhagar #michaelanthony #jasonbonham #vicjohnson #thewabos #StayHealthyStayHomeStayTuned

Sammy Hagar’s Birthday Bash 2020

Watch Sammy’s special 2020 Birthday Bash show, filmed October 8th in HD and 4K from Two Harbors, Catalina Island, airing this Saturday the 17th on The show features The Circle, his band with Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson, as well as special guests including REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin and Rick Springfield. Order […]

The Circle @Home Sessions 10

Here’s the latest from The Circle’s @Home sessions – “Sympathy for the Human” by Sammy Hagar and The Wabos! Stay Healthy. Stay Home. Stay Tuned.#lockdown #thecircleathome #sammyhagar #michaelanthony #jasonbonham #vicjohnson #thewabos #StayHealthyStayHomeStayTuned

The Circle @Home Sessions 9

The Circle’s has a brand new video in their @Home sessions – “Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do)” by Van Halen! Stay Healthy. Stay Home. Stay Tuned.#lockdown #lthecircleathome #sammyhagar #michaelanthony #jasonbonham #vicjohnson #vanhalen #StayHealthyStayHomeStayTuned