Mad Anthony’s Sauces V 2.0

We are proud to announce that we have recently switched to a newer and larger manufacturer and distributor for our entire Mad Anthony’s Sauce Line. Not only does this allow us to get more sauce to more people nationwide, but it has also allowed us to offer you the following new benefits:

  • For those of you who wanted more heat, we’ve heard the call and now all of our sauces are even hotter than before! You’re gonna need extra thick asbestos underwear from here on out!
  • We’ve re-tooled the recipe for both BBQ Sauces, removing the High Fructose Corn Syrup which results in a healthier sauce while still maintaining its great flavor.
  • Because our sauces are being produced on a larger scale, we have slashed the per-bottle price significantly. Sauces are now between $2 and $3 per bottle cheaper!
  • In the coming months, Mad Anthony’s Sauces will become available in more stores, big and small, across the nation! We’ll keep you posted as that develops further.

Visit our online store now to stock up on your favorite Mad Anthony’s Sauces!

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